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Why the Intellivision Amico will be a success

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The Amico is Real and its goals are commendable

In the shadow of next-gen consoles, the Intellivision Amico is attempting and may succeed in recapturing some of the Wii's magic. The next couple years may hold some of the biggest shake-ups for gaming in years. Not only are next-gen consoles on the horizon, but several new competitors like Google Stadia, the Atari VCS, and the Intellivision Amico are entering the market as well. Things are about to get quite crowded, so every console is going to need a solid way to stand out from the rest. And from the look of it, the Intellivision Amico has the potential to do just that.  Continue reading at DUAL SHOCKERS.

Intellivision Entertainment prepares for its rebirth in 2020

Intellivision Entertainment is winding up for a big launch of its retro video game console on 10-10-20. That number is a little piece of flair that Tommy Tallarico, CEO of the reborn Intellivision Entertainment, is adding to his master plan.

Tallarico grew up with the joy of playing the Intellivision video game console, a machine from Mattel that gave Atari a run for its money in the early 1980s. He has acquired the rights to the console and its original games, and he plans to relaunch Intellivision as a retro brand. And at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, he showed working machines off with some fun games. And I interviewed him about his plans. (He’s not ready to talk about the games just yet.)

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VentureBeat interview of Tommy Tallarico at E3 2019

Amico console colors revealed at E3 2019

Intellivision is releasing a new gaming console called the Amico. This gaming console is launching in October 2020 and one of the coolest things is the number of colors it will be available in. You can get the Amico in 5 different colors including Metallic Pearl, Obsidian Black, Vintage Woodgrain, GTO Red (complete with carbon fiber), and Galaxy Purple. Article courtesy of: GEEK TYRANT

E3 commentary including Amico

5 different Amico color variations to be revealed at E3

It’s been just over a year since we first heard rumblings about Intellivision Entertainment’s brand new console. The Intellivision Amico was officially unveiled in October, but not much else has been discussed publicly since then. Prior to a behind closed doors appearance at E3 2019, a lot of new information about Amico was disclosed, like the fact that there will be 5 color variations, they are showing off 22 playable games at E3, and that Intellivision Entertainment has opened new studios in Europe and Dubai. Article continued:

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Amico will have 22 playable games at E3 2019 Convention

The Intellivision Amico came out of nowhere when it was announced last year with little more than a drawing. The team has come quite a long way since then.

At E3 this year, they will be showing off functioning consoles playing 22 different games. With that said, this is going to be a “behind closed doors” affair, meaning you can only see it with a press appointment.

No specific games have been named as part of this E3 presentation. With that said, they did reveal that it will be broken up into four types. Expect to see retro remakes and re-imaginings, modern puzzle/card games, sports and a host of original IPs. All games on display are said to be exclusive for the Amico.

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