Amico Revolution

Intellivision Amico announces new console

The Intellivision Amico is currently scheduled to go on sale October 10, 2020 (1010 2020), with prices ranging from $149 to $179 depending on the bundle. Technical details are scarce at the moment, save for some vague marketing-speak. In the “Hardware and Technology” section of the release, Intellivision claims the Amico has “State of the Art 21st Century 2D Image Processing and Graphics Capability”, but makes no mention of what processor platform and GPU will be used. It will most likely be some sort of ARM-based device but the actual SoC may not have been chosen just yet, hence the vagueness. Other technical features of the console itself include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wired Ethernet connectivity, HDMI and USB ports, and something called a System Expansion Interface, which will likely be some sort of flash card reader. Continue reading.........


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