Amico Revolution

Earthworm Jim will show how Intellivision Amico can serve as a niche

Two of gaming’s oldest names are reemerging in the console space as the Atari VCS and Intellivision Amico will be available for purchase sooner rather than later. However, little is known about what their software lineups will look like and what the consoles will offer other than being a potential historical oddity. Even more puzzling is what sort of appeal they will have in the current marketplace that is already heavily saturated by the big three in Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. But the announcement that a new Earthworm Jim game is on the way helps to clear things up for the future of the Intellivision Amico.

This isn’t the simple matter of Intellivision obtaining the rights to the Earthworm Jim series and commissioning a new title, either. Tommy Tallarico and his crew have assembled nearly all of the original developers and creative minds for the upcoming sequel. Whether or not that is a good thing will depend on your thoughts on the often controversial Doug TenNapel, but the sentiment is largely what people want out of retro revival. Regardless of what the quality winds up being, this will be an Earthworm Jim game by the same people that birthed the once-popular character.

Most importantly, this shows that Intellivision has a clear audience in mind for its initial audience. By reviving Earthworm Jim, it is targeting the same sort of retro gaming fans that would have some nostalgia for the Intellivison brand. This is all a logical segment of players to target and would be those that are willing to part with their cash and be an early investor in a new system. However, it’ll need far more than just Earthworm Jim if the console maker want to match its success it had at the height of its popularity, the series was never a system seller.


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