Amico Revolution

Intellivision Entertainment

  • Jason Enos. Product manager/producer/marketer (involved in over 100 products launches, including the Metal Gear Solid®, Castlevania®, Contra®, Dance Dance Revolution®, Silent Hill®, TEKKEN, Ace Combat®, Dragon Ball Z®, Monopoly® and PAC-MAN franchises)


  • Perrin Kaplan. (Zebra Partners, former Nintendo VP of Marketing & Corporate Affairs; launched the Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo DS®, Super Nintendo®, Nintendo Gamecube®, N64®)


  • Beth Llewlyn. (Zebra Partners, former Nintendo PR; launched the Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo DS®, Pokemon), Scott Tsumura (Tozai Games, formerly co-founder and President of Nintendo Software Technology Corporation, and a pioneer in the early days of arcade game production, including Moon Patrol, Kung Fu Master, 10 Yard Fight, etc.)


  • Phil Adam. (Founder of Spectrum Holobyte, President & VP of Interplay Productions, helped introduce Tetris® to the world)


  • André LaMothe. (Hardware Evangelist, programmer, designer, author, over 750 products to market, artificial intelligence design for NASA)


  • David Perry. (Earthworm Jim, Disney's Aladdin, founder of Shiny Entertainment and co-founder of Gaikai cloud gaming utilized in the Sony PlayStation®4).