Amico Revolution

Intellivision Amico History


Industry Veteran Tommy Tallarico Named President of Intellivision Entertainmentand Joins Forces with Original Intellivision Team Members in 2018 and is proud to announce that it will bring the concept of SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, FAMILY & FUN back into homes across the world with the introduction of a brand new home video game console.

The original Intellivision system generated many “firsts” in the video game industry including the first 16-bit gaming machine, the first gaming console to offer digital distribution, the first to bring speech/voice to games, the first to license professional sports leagues and organizations and the first to be a dedicated game console and home computer.

The Mattel Intellivision originally released in 1979, and due to its popularity it was remarkably retailed across 3 decades and quickly sold millions of units.The new Intellivision system will carry on company tradition of “firsts” with its new concept, design and approach to gaming. Video Games Live creator and 30 year video game industry veteran Tommy Tallarico has been named President of Intellivision Entertainment as the company turns its focus on a rebranding and reimagining for the 21st century while still paying homage to its legacy roots. “I grew up playing Intellivision with my parents and younger brother,”says Tallarico. “It was always my favorite system because the games were cutting edge, yet fun and simple to play so our entire family could enjoy them together. I find those important elements to generally be lacking from our industry with the current modern gaming consoles.

Our goal is to change that by focusing on bringing all age groups and levels of gamers and non-gamers together while introducing new generations of people to the legacy success of the Intellivision brand.”Original Intellivision team members will also play important roles in the creation, development, software and design of the new platform.

Intellivision Entertainment Chairman Steve Roney and Intellivision Entertainment Vice President of Technology Bill Fisher have been involved with Intellivision since 1981. Both Steve and Bill were programmers and designers for some of the first home video games to ever have voice/speech (Space Spartans & B-17 Bomber). Other Intellivision members include original Game Design & Development Group Leader David Warhol,known for designing and producing over 25 Intellivision titles as well as designing, programming and composing for the first home console video game to ever have wall-to-wall continuous music (Thunder Castle).Eight year Intellivision veteran and Vice President Emily Reichbach Rosenthal will be heading up the Licensing Division,and longtime Intellivision contractor, tech guru and historian Paul Nurminen has been named Vice President of Product Development.


  • Intellivision Entertainment was formed.
  • Intellivision Amico was officially revealed at PRGE 2018 with concept of console and games list.



  • Earthworm Jim exclusive announced.
  • Intellivision Entertainment attends E3 2019 with playable games behind closed doors.
  • 5 different Amico console color schemes revealed.
  • Intellivision Entertainment opens new offices in Germany and Dubai.