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Intellivision Entertainment

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Tommy Tallarico. CEO/President of Intellivision Entertainment. (Video Games Live™ creator and 30 year video game industry veteran)

Steve Roney. Chairman. (Industry veteran, original Programmer and designer for Mattel Intellivision)

Bill Fisher. Vice President of Technology. (Industry veteran, original Programmer and designer for Mattel Intellivision)

David Worhol. Game Design & Development Group. (Industry Veteran and known for designing and producing over 25 Intellivision titles as well as designing, programming and composing for the first home console video game to ever have wall-to-wall continuous music (Thunder Castle©)

Emily Reichbach Rosenthal. Licensing Division. (Industry Veteran and Intellivision Vice President)

Paul Nurminen. Vice President of Product Development. (Intellivision contractor, technical advisor and gaming historian)

Jason Enos. Product manager/producer/marketer (involved in over 100 products launches, including the Metal Gear Solid®, Castlevania®, Contra®, Dance Dance Revolution®, Silent Hill®, TEKKEN™, Ace Combat®, Dragon Ball Z®, Monopoly® and PAC-MAN™ franchises)

Perrin Kaplan. (Zebra Partners, former Nintendo VP of Marketing & Corporate Affairs; launched the Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo DS®, Super Nintendo®, Nintendo Gamecube®, N64®)

Beth Llewlyn. (Zebra Partners, former Nintendo PR; launched the Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo DS®, Pokemon™), Scott Tsumura (Tozai Games, formerly co-founder and President of Nintendo Software Technology Corporation, and a pioneer in the early days of arcade game production, including Moon Patrol, Kung Fu Master, 10 Yard Fight, etc.)

Phil Adam. (Founder of Spectrum Holobyte, President & VP of Interplay Productions, helped introduce Tetris® to the world)

André LaMothe. (Hardware Evangelist, programmer, designer, author, over 750 products to market, artificial intelligence design for NASA)

David Perry. (Earthworm Jim™, Disney's Aladdin™, founder of Shiny Entertainment and co-founder of Gaikai cloud gaming utilized in the Sony PlayStation®4)